History of Witchcraft and Spells

Witch means “the wise one” from the word “Wicca”. Witches were respected in Antiquity and this lasted until Christianity. Because of different beliefs, Christian priests began to follow them and outlaw them. The Inquisition was the most powerful weapon against witches, and that is something that we are not approving of today. Witchcraft now in our modern times is coming out of the shadows and the true nature of witchcraft is that of the belief of the essence of all things working together in harmony. Witchcraft is not evil nor does it involve the devil. There are witches that worship the devil and are prone to black magic.

People who really knew what witchcraft was about went to witches and wizards for their powerful spells and help with their everyday life. In order to have a reason for persecuting them, the Inquisition gave examples of black magic used by witches, flying, killing other people and taming black wolves. They were accused of making pacts with the devil. This isn’t true, as most witches do not even believe in the devil. Understand that there is a big difference between white and black magic, as this can be very useful for you as a future witch. Crusades against witchcraft demonstrate the fear of people when facing unusual things. Witchcraft was used by Inquisition as a powerful instrument of torture and fear. That is why witchcraft is seen as it is. The inquisition is the reason that most of our ancestors hid their faith and kept their path a secret.

People who really know something about witches are the ones who understand this misconception well. If you are following your path to witchcraft you must learn all you can about the burning times and the misconceptions of a deluded an unjust time. As this is your history and you need to know how to dissuade common misconceptions. You are on a path to knowledge and that of which you seek may be just around the corner in the page of a book or shown to you in an article body of text. Study more about witchcraft history and you will find some interesting facts and you will gain more knowledge concerning your own identity. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and walk your path, find your calling. Above all else you must always seek knowledge, as knowledge is as endless as the universe it’s self.


4 Ways to Build a Good Credit History

Credit reports play an important role in your financial life. Not only is it the determining factor of your loan and mortgage approvals but it also plays a role in your job position as well. In order to get good recommendations and to be eligible for student loans, business loans and so on, you must have a good credit record and a good history as well. There are several ways to do this.

First, you need to be aware of which accounts show up on your credit report. This is important to take note of so that you’ll know how to keep your record clean. Try keeping your old accounts open even if you don’t use them, because there will be no activity and it will contribute to your report as well.

It will also help for you to request a copy of your credit at least once a year. For most companies, you’re given a free viewing once a year so try keeping it to that only. This would be to check that all is going well with your report and that there are no mistakes. Also, frequent viewing of your credit report will show up as an inquiry that will lower your credit score, so aside from the once a year check, try to avoid asking for a copy.

To make sure your score doesn’t drop; always make your bill payments on time. If you find that you really can’t afford to pay the full amount, you can always just pay the minimum requirement or a little more but just make sure you do it before the due dates. This will give you a great boost on your credit report.

Furthermore, if you’re a frequent credit card user, try controlling your spending habits and only swipe when necessary. Never max out your cards and hit the limit as this will reflect poorly on your report. Always try to keep it below 50% of what you’re allowed and at the same time, make sure you make monthly payments as well.

To sum it up, these are several steps you can take to keep your report in shape, it’s not hard, it just required dedication and a great amount of discipline. So control your spending habits and keep your record clean.